Race 3 – 25.07.2018

Provisional results for the final race of the 2018 Series available for download or printing here.

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Race 2 – 20.06.2018

Version 4 of these results, updated 27.07.2018, available here. One category change.

Superseded. Version 3 of the results for Race 2 available here. Corrections mainly for spelling; no changes to times or positions.

Provisional results, second version, available here.  (Superseded.) Corrections to several  names; also many ladies had been categorized as males. The geek has been put on punishment duties and thin gruel for a fortnight .

Race 1 – 23.05.2018

Near perfect conditions saw a great turnout with over 220 runners trying out the new 2018 course.

Race 1 2018
Race 1 2018

Daniel Bodman of Aberdare Valley  AAC lead the way with a time of 15:47 only a couple of seconds ahead of Craig Williams, aged 20, Micky Morris. Luke Williams of San Domenico pipped Joseph Reardon, another Aberdare Valley U20 runner, for third spot in 15:57

Lucy Marland, W35, Cardiff AAC brought the ladies home in 17:47, placing 33rd overall. Next was Helen Sharpe, also W35 of Fife AC in 18:12, 42nd overall.

Rhodi Jones, SW, was the third-placed woman in 19:43 with Caitlin Peers, SW, of CVAC in fourth spot in 19:46

Many thanks – and Congratulations – to Penarth & Dinas RC for helping get the 2018 Series off to a great start. A total of 38 P&D runners turned up on the night making very  fast work of a birthday cake for the club’s 30th anniversary. For the record, the fastest P&D member, Gary Brown finished 27th overall in 17:27 (He may even have been fast enough to get some cake.)

Download or view the results here.  (5th version – minor changes to spellings and category.)